Project Management Style

I believe that Project Management must be defined as a diamond with 4 vertices scope, time, cost and quality. The central theme which the vertices surround is expectation. Why? Because no two customers' expectations are the same. So you must know what their expectations are.

I also believe that there are four phases that a project passes through during its lifetime:

During the definition phase we must define the goals, objectives and the critical success factors. The initiation phase identifies what is needed to set-up the project. Control ensures that the project stays on track and ensures that it does. Finally Closure, Releasing all elements which were required for the project.

A project manager has great responsibility. The PM must

Many things can go wrong on a project such as poor communication, misunderstandings, personality conflicts, poor goals, poor objectives and poor management. Therefore a wide range of skills is required by a person assuming the role of  Project Manager. Some these include

Using good project management skills such as those identified above will not remove all the risks, issues, or problems which may arrive but will help by providing a means to deal with them.